Those days are long gone; as early as the 80's, BMW moved to an electronic module to control lights and switches. Electronics were also introduced to warn the driver about faults with bulbs.

You've probably seen the "left side light out" or "right side out" bulb lights on a dashboard before. Starting with the BMW 7-series, the light module and check control module were combined into one unit, the LCM, that was then used on cars up to the present. Whilst generally reliable, LCM problems include headlights staying on after the car is shut off, indicators randomly flashing, high beams not working, and other random gremlins.

The E38 and E39 in particular are a bit susceptible to these faults as when the sunroof drains become blocked, water can seep down the inside of the drivers side A-pillar and end up dripping onto the LCM which is in the outside of the drivers footwell. As a result, water damage is the number 1 cause of LCM problems. If you do need a replacement LCM, the correct one can be hard to find used as you generally need the exact same part number.

This becomes difficult as there are maybe different modules across the E38 and E39 alone, accounting for different options and often with small differences across territories, and some only used for very small production runs. Remember the "check control" part of the module?

That's where some of the complexity comes in. On the earlier cars the check module controls lights, brake switch and so on. On newer cars like the E83 X5, the module is coded for options like as air suspension EHC and tire pressure monitoring. The LCM is also used as a backup for the stored mileage of the car - if the mileage within does not match the mileage reported by the cluster, an anti-tamper dot may illuminate on the dashboard. This is done to show the mileage reported may not be accurate and is the bane of shady used car salesmen.

The internals are actually quite simple. The LCM really just consists of some power transistors covered by heatsink and a micro-controller. The micro-controller contains both RAM and a custom ROM program preset for the car configuration; the controller can directly drive the outputs and monitor the check inputs.

If after exhausting all other possible options you still find yourself needing a new LCM, have your VIN number ready and be prepared to search for a while. Best of luck!

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Learn how to service it on a BMW F30 or any car. What is a vacuum pump on a car and what does it do are the two most-asked questions we're asked about them.

bmw e46 light control module reset

Read or watch to learn more about car vacuum pumps. The serpentine belt on a BMW N52 engine should be replaced at 80,miles or sooner. Replace the belt, pulley, and tensioner all at once with this quick DIY. Whether you're looking to lower your BMW F30 xDrive or get a little more performance out of its suspension, coilovers are easy to install at home.

BMWs have always been known for oil filter housing gasket leaks. The BMW E90 is no different with frequent leaks. Learn to replace the OFHG quickly. Learn how to easily service the transmission. This guide covers how to replace both at once. Buying a cheap European luxury car can be intimidating. However, there are some gems out there that won't break the bank.

These charts explain each. If you do have light problems though, double check the basics before considering a LCM change. Are the relevant fuses good? Are the bulbs good?LSZ integrates a number of functions and features above and beyond switching the headlights on and off:.

The E46 headlight switch is mounted in the dashboard on the left side of the steering wheel. The switch fails over time and causes exterior lighting problems. The headlight switch is mounted to the lighting control module. When removed, they come out as a unit and can be separated and serviced individually.

The headlight switch is not a big deal.

How to reset Light Control Module(LCM)BMW E60 2006

You can swap them out without any special tools or software. If you suspect your lighting control module is faulty, you can replace it but new ones have to be coded with a BMW scan tool and can only be coded once. This means you cannot use a used part. However, you can swap your faulty one with a used one to be sure that is the problem. Once swapped out, the problem may go away. You will notice the tamper light in the instrument panel will come ON.

It will go out as soon as you remove the part you were testing with. It does this because the VIN vehicle identification number is stored in the module. So buddy up with a local BMW shop and have them code the new module once you replace it. In this article, I will go over the steps involved with replacing the headlight switch and separating it from the lighting control module in E46 models. Keep in mind that when your car was serviced before, parts may have been replaced with different size fasteners used in the replacement.

The sizes of the nuts and bolts we give may be different from what you have, so be prepared with different size sockets and wrenches. Protect your eyes, hands and body from fluids, dust and debris while working on your vehicle.

If you are working with the electrical system, disconnect the battery before beginning. Always catch fluids in appropriate containers and properly dispose of any fluid waste. Recycle parts, packaging and fluids when possible. Do not work on your vehicle if you feel the task is beyond your ability. Vehicle models change and evolve as they grow older, so the vehicle shown in our illustrations may vary slightly from yours.

If something seems different, let us know and share your info to help other users. Do you have questions or want to add to the article? Leave a comment below. When leaving a comment, please leave your vehicle information. Using a plastic prying tool, lever out the left side dashboard trim piece.

Large Image Extra-Large Image. Remove two the Phillips-head screws from the headlight switch green arrows.

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Next, slowly pull the headlight switch out of the dashboard. With the headlight switch removed from the dashboard, unplug the electrical connector by pressing the locking tab and rotating the lever up green arrow. To separate the headlight switch from the lighting control module, press the tabs to release the locks and pull it apart. Then pull the electrical connector off the headlight switch.Remember Me?

BMW Models. E46 repaired: light control module and tamper dot. Results 1 to 14 of Thread: E46 repaired: light control module and tamper dot. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

bmw e46 light control module reset

E46 repaired: light control module and tamper dot Hello all, My I's left tail light would remain ON for a few minutes after shutting the car down. Local repair shop told me that it had failed state inspection as a result.

Problem was the light control module, they said. This seemed to be substantially more than prices I have seen quoted on forums, but gave them the go ahead.

Now, the car has been repaired, but on collecting it, I saw that the tamper dot next to the odometer has been activated. Brad at the repair center seemed surprised at my observation, and said that he would take care of the problem tomorrow. I have a feeling that I am being royally shafted here.

If Brad cannot 'take care of the problem' tomorrow I have a feeling that he will come up with a good reasonwhat options do I have? Should I get it checked out by the local dealership? Originally Posted by legoman Sounds like they didn't program it properly.

bmw e46 light control module reset

Originally Posted by valley So, can I infer that the lcm cost they charged me is bogus because it is not a new oem part? Is this part something I can easily take out later and check myself? Hello all, My I's left tail light would remain ON for a few minutes after shutting the car down. That is what I am afraid they did. I don't think I can do much to hold them to it, can I? If not, the only thing I can do is not use them again. I will have to live with the tamper dot ON.

I can't believe I'm saying this but if the shop doesn't make this right I'd consider taking legal action against them I'm sure that would be a major headache and you might even come out in the red from an expense stand point.

I'm mean odometer tampering is not taken lightly and that's what it's gonna look like when I come time to sell your car. Thanks for the advice guys and gals.

I was told yesterday by the shop that the module is still being re-programmed. The shop blamed it completely on the local dealership who they claimed did the original programming of the module.

Plus, now the dealership is also supposedly fixing something else that is under recall, and hence, the abnormal delay. On the one hand, if the dealership is indeed involved in fixing the problem, I can probably rest assured that they will only program a new OEM module.

So, I'm skeptical of the shop's explanation. But, hopeful that things will eventually get fixed. I will post back the end result, in case any others are curious about this issue.

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Light Control Module or Other Problem? Post Count: 42 Likes Received Vehicle: '01 E39 iA with k miles. Symptoms: While driving my car about 6 weeks ago, I noticed that my turn signals were not "blinking" on the dashboard, but the turn signals were on and not blinking on the exterior of my car.

The turn signals all started working again after a few miles. This past week, the alternator died. My indie BMW shop replaced the alternator with a remanufactured Bosch unit, replaced the related pulleys, tensionors, etc and the car ran fine. The next day, my turn signals and emergency flashers stopped working during a 2 mile trip to lunch. This time, though, I had no turn signals on the dash or outside nor emergency flashers.

But, I swear I think the pixels in the instrument cluster were "pulsing" glowing brighter, then slightly dimmer at the same cadence as the blinkers would normally flash!?! Then the lights all started working again and the dash pixels stopped "pulsing" a half mile later, before I turned off the car. So on my way back from lunch I stopped by my mechanic's shop.

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He plugged into the car's diagnostic system and ran a check for error codes and found none. He visually checked the battery and a few items under the hood, found no problems, pronounced the car ok and said I should just keep an eye on it, and sent me on my way.

Question 1: Does the chain of events I have described intermittent flasher problems and dead alternator sound indicative of a bad LCM? I read something on another on-line DIY link that said a dealer had to "validate" or "initialize" a new LCM to the car or the car's computer would have some type of permanent error code, like a new odometer!?!

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bmw e46 light control module reset

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Replacing Your Headlight Switch

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Bmw e46 light control module reset

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