Payment Details. Food Service RFP. The Vendor shall provide services including, but not limited to labor, product, additional specialty equipment, hardware and software necessary to provide food services to approximately 2, inmates located in OPSO facilities at the following addresses: Perdido Street, New Orleans, LouisianaPerdido Street, New Orleans, LouisianaSouth Broad Street, and New Orleans, Louisiana The contract resulting from this RFP is expected to be a three 3 year contract with a one 1 one-year option to extend upon mutual agreement between the OPSO and the Vendor.

All terms and conditions of the original contract will apply throughout any extension periods. Public Notice Food Management Services Questions asked have included: 1. What time is the pre-bid on July 5th? What time are questions due on July 12th?

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Is the meal pattern for regular inmates to be hot, cold, hot, or cold, cold, hot. As described on pages 3. Attachments F and G were not uploaded on the www. In order to get the correct information so quickly, it is requested to bring more than 2 attendees to the pre-proposal tour.

Approximately 5 people are needed to draft a detailed response. What is the current rate per Inmate meal? What is the current rate per Staff Meal?

food service rfp

What is the current rate per Snack? How Many Snacks are served daily on an average? Who is currently responsible for the Maintenance of the kitchen and the SDR equipment? What company is responsible for taking care of the Maintenance?

What has the annual spend been on the equipment maintenance? What type of meals is currently being sold to the inmates, what is the annual Sales Volume and what is the current commission paid to OPSO? Requesting a copy of the menu provided including pricing. How Many Staff does the current Vendor have?

How many times have the penalties been accessed to the current vendor? What Company is currently responsible for Pest Control? What is the cost for the Pest Control? What is currently being supplied as Health Snacks and what is the cost?

What is the mix on therapeutic diets? What is the mix on religious diets? Any Kosher Meals? How Many computer stations are needed in order to comply with Section 3. Does the Full time dietitian position have to be on-site or on-staff of the company? What is the current rate of pay for the inmate workers?Jump to navigation. The U. Department of Agriculture USDA has implemented some changes that must be reflected in the bid procedures, documents, and contracts when working with a food service management company FSMC.

This requires all schools that contract with an FSMC to go out to bid using the new documents and meeting the regulatory requirements. This is to aid the review and approval process.

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Revised procedures, documents, and guidance are posted below. This prototype document is provided by the State of Vermont Agency of Education for use by a school food authority or supervisory union initiating a new contract with a food service management company to provide meal services for the National School Lunch, Breakfast Program, Child and Adult Care Food Program, and the Summer Food Service Program.

The approved document will be returned to the SFA with the tracked changes incorporated into the document. SFAs must enter into a fixed-price contract with a food service management company using this template. Any changes to the contract required by the State Agency SA must be made or all costs resulting from the contract are unallowable costs and cannot be paid from the nonprofit food service account.

Please also provide information about advertising, including where it will be advertised, how long it will be advertised and if materials will be sent directly to potential bidders, including the list of potential bidders. If you have any questions regarding the Contract or required language, please call Michael Carr, Child Nutrition Programs ator by email at Michael.

Carr vermont. Phone: Fax: aoe. Menu Vermont Official State Website. Allowable Contracts SFAs must enter into a fixed-price contract with a food service management company using this template. Questions If you have any questions regarding the Contract or required language, please call Michael Carr, Child Nutrition Programs ator by email at Michael. Child Nutrition Directory. Connect with Us.In our 23 years as a corporate dining companywe've seen and responded to a lot of food service RFP.

Although it takes a good deal of focus, writing one is a vital part of vendor evaluation. A thorough, well-organized RFP brings value not only to the vendor selection process, but also to your future food service results. With an effective proposal, you improve your chances of selecting a provider that's the best fit for your business by:. Considering these advantages, we recommend you approach proposals as a strategic initiative involving input from representatives in all functional areas that have a stake in the company's dining service.

Although we recommend against publishing standard-issue proposals, it is helpful to look at examples from other companies to get a sense of the information and questions they put out there. Feel free to adapt it or use it as a reference. But be sure to tailor the language, information and questions to your corporate culture and service goals. Our customers tell us the preparation pays off.

Rfp for food service template

For one, it saves time on back-and-forth between your vendor selection committee and bidders. And it minimizes guesswork when comparing proposal offerings and evaluating total cost of ownership TCO.

We recommend providing as many specifics as possible about your expectations, company, resources financial, capital and humanand food sales and pricing. An article by Forbes. Doing so ensures a mutual good fit for the vendor and the client.

While the number and organization of sections will vary from business to business, these are the basics. This involves giving a brief but comprehensive overview of factors such as:. Our goal is to partner with a vendor that can help us increase food service participation, and support corporate initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles and sustainable practices.

The successful vendor will be expected to provide breakfast and lunch to diners daily and catering services as needed with offerings that include a variety of nutritious choices and regional and world cuisines made with local ingredients when possible.

This is the part of your RFP that gives bidders an overview of your company and what it stands for, as well as the values that shape your corporate cafeteria environment.

For example, if customer service excellence is a priority, you need to describe what that means so bidders know to emphasize their capabilities and philosophy around customer service in their proposals. The background section expands on the big-picture view presented in the Statement of Purpose, by going into detail on:.

With a workforce of approximately employees, we provide a variety of products and services. We have a full service cafeteria and vending at sites located at Main Street and Cross Street in City, State. Scope of Work is where you spell out everything your corporate food services provider will be required to do, as well as expected outcomes. This will be driven by your business goals and workforce needs and demographics. For example, if your company employs a large population of hourly workers, you could include a clause saying bidders need to be capable of operating a cafeteria that can accommodate a high number of diners within a small window of time.

If sustainability is a focus, provide parameters for the proportion of food you want sourced from within a specific geographic area.

This where you provide all the terms and conditions of working with your business including length of contract, proof of employment and insurance requirements, and food and safety standards. Other details to include are responsibilities for any and all tasks related to setting up, managing and sustaining a corporate dining program such as hiring, training, cleaning and equipment repairs, among others.

Without these details, bidders will be unable to give you an accurate projection of costs. Up to this point, the purpose of the RFP has been to give bidders all the information they need to put together a thorough proposal that accurately represents their capabilities and costs. While questions asked will vary based on dining service goals, some basic questions to include are:.At Fooda, we do see cafeteria RFPs every day.

Food Service Toolkit

So, let us help you out. Below is a list of 5 required sections to include in your next corporate cafeteria RFP. Not interested in creating your own? We also created an corporate cafeteria RFP template. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page for instant access.

Potential vendors will determine if your businesses are a good fit for partnership based on this part of the document. Save the analysis, charts, and numbers for later. Let them know when you expect site walk throughs, submissions, clarification periods, etc.

Request for Proposals

The recommendations above are just the tip of the iceberg. Do you want us to take the work of creating your next RFP off your hands? Fill out the form below to access our template. As we enter the fifth month of the global COVID health crisis, more and more people are returning to working in-person after months of working from home.

HR and Facilities teams across the country are.

How to Prepare a Corporate Food Service Request for Proposal – (RFP)

Office cafeteria participation has dwindled for the last 20 years. Here are some reasons why: Lack of Variety. Toggle navigation. Download Guide Not Today. Watch Now. Corporate Cafeterias. Read more. All Rights Reserved.Not signed in. Sign in Create an account. Now streaming live:. However, all were based upon previously-established conceptual agreement, and all provide a single fee for the project or for each choice of yeses.

An additional outcome of this funding opportunity is increased capacity of funded organizations. Note that the SOW refers to revoked executive orders and These are basically patterns that you follow to be able to achieve the necessary end. Collect information from each vendor, including contact details, goods or services they offer, and permits.

Free search engine and e-mail alerts for new government and public sector contract opportunities request for proposal, bid, tender. In catering services, a proposal should be persuasive enough to attract potential clients. The attached proposal represents [Sender. The rejection of untimely proposals will be at the sole discretion of the County.

Recruitment 1. Easily fill out PDF blank, edit, and sign them. Get more customers lining up to schedule for your service through the use of this awesome template. It could be verbal or written.

food service rfp

Updated April 11,am. South Suburban College is interested in receiving proposal for the provision of cafeteria and food vending services, for a term of five 5 years, as per the attached requirements and specifications. Add in other inclusions for your food services such as any equipment or staffing service. The scope of the proposal includes sections like chef profile, event portfolio, event details, sample menus, budget, and more. This business proposal template is extensive, and it has many pages to include helpful information about your idea.

When food contractors sign up for FindRFP's bid notification serviceyou will be asked to specify the extent of food services that your company provides. Save or instantly send your ready documents. These supplies and food products shall remain the property of the contractor. Proposals will not be accepted after this time.

Award will be granted for entire proposal. Issued by: Family League of Baltimore. Sample Request for Proposal and Fixed-Price contract for school food authorities procuring the services of a food service management company.

A service proposal is an offer of service from a seller to a buyer. By following them to the letter, you will be able to draft a quality article. Service Proposal Template. This proposal is based upon estimated budgets for all programs to be administered by the [Organization] during the period July 1,through June 30, Sir, our specialities include hygienic food delivery, a variety of food items, On-time delivery, cafeteria cleanliness and well-behaved staff.

Included in the template is space for team, services, portfolio, case studies, client feedback, latest clients, project brief, timeline, FAQs, and more. For bigger projects, complex parts or multifaceted services, evaluating proposals and coming to a consensus will be more involved.Skip to content.

Primary Audience: Institutional staff such as food service operators, managers of support or auxiliary services and sustainability coordinators. We would like to acknowledge the numerous individuals who took time to speak with the research team about their work. This project would not have been possible without them. Thank you! FINE has made every effort to verify the accuracy of statements in this document, and we accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. A Vision for Institutional Procurement C.

About this Toolkit. Farm to Institution New England FINE is a six-state collaboration working to strengthen our regional food system by increasing the demand for and use of New England food by New England institutions such as schools, hospitals, colleges, government and corporations.

FINE has strong roots in the National Farm to School Network and is actively forging connections with many other organizations, agencies, businesses and funders with similar goals. FINE partners are working to conduct research, run pilot projects and convene learning communities related to critical elements of the regional food supply chain, including production, processing, distribution and food service.

Institutional food purchasing is an area of significant interest for those advocating for stronger local food systems, because their large volume purchasing and annual spending has the potential to transform regional, even global, agricultural economies. Therefore, shifts in contracted purchasing by FSMCs and GPOs offer an opportunity for change that is multiplied by the thousands of institutions working with these entities. As the farm to institution movement matures, advocates have realized that they must better understand the operations of these companies in order to have a significant impact on institutional procurement of regionally produced and processed foods.

Our goal is to address systemic barriers and forge innovative solutions to increase the procurement of local food at all institutions.

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Although this model may evolve in response to changes in the food system, it serves as a guide for food businesses that aggregate food and offer procurement services to institutions to evaluate their practices and a goal to align the focus of food system advocates. Transparency, diversity, and flexibility are essential elements in a healthy and resilient food system. When present throughout the food procurement model, we can ensure a fair distribution of power amongst stakeholders and promote equity in food access.

These attributes fall into three categories, which are described in detail below: 1 business leadership structure, 2 business financial structure, and 3 product procurement processes. Business leadership structure pertains to the parties involved in key decision making, and the relative inclusion of stakeholders.

Business financial structure pertains to the negotiating of price, contribution to market shifts and the process of establishing financial viability. In the case of the group purchasing model, this section pertains to the use of fees, volume discounts and client contract stipulations. Product procurement process pertains to the soliciting of bids or suppliers, criteria used to award business, level of flexibility in purchasing, product evaluation and feedback structure. FINE is interested in highlighting the opportunities and barriers to utilizing regional food within the institutional food procurement system.

FINE does not hold a formal position on whether institutions should run food service operations with their own staff or outsource the services to an FSMC. This toolkit was designed to help individuals understand the process to request proposals from and negotiate contracts with food service management companies in order to maximize opportunities to incorporate regional food.

However, these tools are also applicable to self-operated facilities for use in setting internal goals and contracting with group purchasing organizations or directly with suppliers. The resources within this toolkit are the outgrowth of two phases of research and a multi-stakeholder participatory development process conducted by the FINE Food Service Project. The research in Phase 1 included a literature review and over 40 interviews with food systems advocates and FSMC staff.

Phase 2 research see research report -- coming soon! Although not a statistically significant sample, this research sheds light on key factors facilitating or hindering local food procurement by institutions.

The research and development of the toolkit was undertaken with the guidance of the seven member Advisory Board of the FINE Food Service Project and informed by a diverse set of over stakeholders in the institutional food supply chain.

While this toolkit is the product of work by many committed people over many months, it is by design a work in progress. This strategy places a preference on ultra-local food, but also encourages sourcing from within the states and broader region based on availability and other factors.

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