Welcome to the dummies guide on how to get better in Idle World!. Here are some tips and tricks on how to progress further into the game and obtaining more Energy in the game. This game allows you to create different kinds of elements and living things to grow your own planet. Your goal is to obtain as many Energy as possible to upgrade different kinds of land, water, and other living organisms.

Since this is an idle game, the gameplay is pretty much simple and you will receive offline rewards depending on how much you progress. The game is made by Homa Games which are well known for producing arcade style games. While you can collect Energy overtime, you can keep tapping on the Sun to collect Energy much quicker. Usually, this will help you in the early stages of the game. However, it is not as effective once you are able to unlock more Creations and Preservations since they will generate much more Energy over time.

Every few seconds, there is a chance that a powerup will spawn across your planet. This is where you can tap on it for a Bonus. Some of it includes. This is where you will have to level up certain types of Preservations in order to unlock a new Creation Element. You can tap on it to increases the multiplier to x10, x25, x50 or x This will allow you to level up any of them much faster instead of just constantly tapping to reach a certain level.

There are certain upgrades you can watch a video ad to automatically unlock that upgrade so take advantage of that for free upgrades. If you have spare time, you can actually watch some video ads which will help boost your progress like obtaining more Diamonds and Energy.

You will also be rewarded with 1 Prestige point which can be exchanged for 50 Diamonds. Take note that the next Prestige will require the next Element to be unlocked Example Humans. Video ads can be very annoying after a while as you keep playing. It does not really costs much but I would recommend doing so if you are going to spend a very long time in this game. Thank you so much for reading this guide.

If you are new to this game, you can download this game on either IOS or Android. Loot Crate also has a special offer if you are interested in buying gaming merchandise. Charles not Xavier is a known rage gamer who throws controllers, flip tables and bottles… But strangely, he has never smashed a smartphone before. Skip to content Welcome to the dummies guide on how to get better in Idle World!. Introduction This game allows you to create different kinds of elements and living things to grow your own planet.

Tap the Sun to collect more Energy! Collect powerups! Alien With the flag — You can obtain free Diamonds Include video ads.

Satellite — You can share this game for free 20 Diamonds. Element — You will need to watch a video ad to obtain additional levels for that Element. Alien Inside the container — You can time travel and obtain free Energy Include video ads. Level up your Protections!

idle world prestige points

Level up your Upgrades! Watch Video Ads to boost your progress If you have spare time, you can actually watch some video ads which will help boost your progress like obtaining more Diamonds and Energy.Hello Idle World lovers, here are the two things we've implemented in this new version: - Bug fixes - A better process for email support Enjoy!

This is not just an update, its a whole new game! The bug that made the game stuck on loading screen in some devices has been resolved 2. The buy max dynamic option has been made optional 3. Other bug fixes. Major Update : 1. Localization now available 2. We listened to you - Buy is here 3. Visual Enhancements 4. World 2. A critical bug is fixed which was causing players to loose progress and getting stuck in the game.

Performance Enhancements. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we will email you a link to reset your password. Forgot password? Sign Up Now. Already have an account?

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Idle World! Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow Your World Efficiently

In-App Purchases Yes. Developer Contact. You may also like. Have Fun With Friends. Be Smarter.

idle world prestige points

Make My Partner Happy. Simulation Games. Fill Spare Time. Arcade Games. See All. Show More. Action Games. Eat Delicious Food.Prestige is a part of the Game Menu that allows players to progress faster. Prestige is a unique form of gameplay in that in order to level up, the player must start over.

It sounds counter-productive and a little scary at first, but it allows the player to progress quicker. The answers about when to reset vary based on your current levels of bonuses. If the level clearing times slow down considerably, then it's probably a good time to collect the gold and start over.

Its usefulness fades out in the later parts of the game. Ball Speed Increase Edit Definitely useful and worth the money for increasing the speed which is good for faster leveling. Ball Power Multiplier Edit Definitely the most useful upgrade in the game and certainly the most expensive.

Risk premium

For the balls, you can see your total power for each one by hovering over the ball in the top left. The Click X and Lasers do not show the total power so if you're curious, you'll have to do the math yourself. Getting your multiplier up is the only way to soar your level into the 10's of thousands with ease and also to defeat the bosses.

A laser. They obliterate bricks. They start with damage, and max out with damage. If Ball Power Multiplier is maxed out which costs goldlasers can do damage. Then, if you spend 15 skill points to remove the bosses' immunity to lasers, you can essentially one-shot most bosses, at least until the bosses have more than 1.

And anyway, how are you going to get gold again? Maximum Number of Balls Edit A high number of balls is very effective but can also cause lag on certain devices. The main culprit is, of course, the scatter ball. If your system cannot handle the game, you may need to find another game or use the numbers only mode which may ruin the allure of Idle Breakout.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Prestige Prestige is a unique form of gameplay in that in order to level up, the player must start over. However, it only goes to 10x so get it leveled up quickly. Categories :.

Cancel Save.This page is a stub. You can help Idle World! Wiki by expanding it. Idle World! As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 25, Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4. The most addictive Idle Clicker game ever!

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In this brand new idle game you can decide about the creation of the earth. The more you upgrade the planet, the more energy you will get. Spend energy to colonize the planet. Plant plants to allow animals to grow! Can you unlock the atmosphere? Easy and simple gameplay: - Great upgrade system that will keep you playing for hours!

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idle world prestige points

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Tiny Cars: Fast Game Wiki.A fairly new entrant to the mobile gaming industry, Homa Games, has only started developing and publishing games since Idle World! Energy is spent with every bit of resource, mineral, or life you put on it and, in return, each item you create and add to the world generates energy. You start off with a completely bare and lifeless planet and you work your way up as you create more simple elements needed for more complex creations and all these can be done with a click of a button.

You will always make progress regardless of how much time you can spend on Idle World! Just like any idle clicker game, though, the amount of time you spend on playing the game will be the foremost determinant of how fast you will make progress.

There are hardly any tutorials needed to play the game as anyone can play it using a finger on 1 hand. Everything you need to know about the goals and gameplay mechanics are vividly seen on-screen. You spend energy on creations and each item you create generates energy leaving a continuous cycle of expending and gaining energy with very little effort. Provided that you meet the minimum requirements to unlock each item you can create, you are very much free to prioritize what to invest your energy in.

As much as you can go around and do whatever you please as far as creating your Earth goes, following the Idle World! All items you can upgrade in Idle World! You will be able to see everything although some items will remain locked despite you having more than enough energy to create them.

Initially, you will only be able to create water and land under the creation tab and soon enough, you should have no problem unlocking other materials that generate more energy and possibly necessary as well to progress further in the game.

For the things you can see under creation and preservation, items are listed from simplest to most complex to unlock and going further down the line as you unlock one item after another will be your guide with regard to progress. For the topmost item in each category that remains locked, take note of the required number of items you need to create to unlock it.

It may not necessarily be the most efficient method of generating energy for a short while, but as soon as you succeed in unlocking a new material or element, then the rewards in terms of boosting energy generation will be very much worth the effort.

Relative to this, remember to adjust the buy multiplier at the right side of your screen to speed things up a bit. It is set to x1 by default but you can tap on it to change it to x10 and even x This will make it easier to reach the typical minimum requirements to unlock certain items as each one is a multiple of any choice multiplier. At the upper right side of the screen, you can see a UFO icon with a 2x energy note on it and clicking on this icon gives you an option to double your energy generation for 60 seconds at the cost of either paying 10 diamonds or watching a 20 to second video ad.

Diamonds are premium currency which are difficult to earn and ought to be saved for other expenditures so you might as well go for those ads. As you can most definitely expend all your energy at a much faster rate than you can generate them, using this feature as an opportunity to quickly gain energy is a great way to boost your progress in the game.

You should take advantage of this feature most especially if you are playing the game while watching a movie or something similar as you can spam on playing ads till you have enough energy to spend on massive purchases and upgrades. Beyond actually spending a lot of time on the game in one go, you should consider playing between short intervals as often as you can. As such, the more often you can spend time to actually get into the game after being offline for some time, the more rewarding it can be for you and the faster your world will progress.

As a general strategy, consider to pump up the 2x speed energy boost as much as you can when you log in to the game, then expend the accumulated energy on purchases and upgrades based on your prioritization. Just above the UFO icon is a time machine icon which, when clicked, can give you free time travel chances for instant lumps of energy.

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Sometimes you can get free time travels for as many as a thousand seconds. BE sure to take advantage of the free ones and binge-watch on those video ads as this will boost your progress a lot faster than manually playing. In addition to the 2x speed energy buffs and the time travel boosts that you should take advantage of, there is a Lucky Spin icon at the left side of your screen that offers 3 free spins each day.

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idle world prestige points

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Idle game code was written entirely on a mobile device using AIDE.

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